Testimonials / Reviews

"I had the most enticing occasion recently to sample some very delectable locally made artisan chocolate creations by Cocoa40. I confess like many others, chocolate is one of my weaknesses but I have in recent years attempted to be be more discriminating as to what I allow to cross my lips. I’m of the mindset that If you’re going to indulge then you should make the effort to select quality rather than quantity and quality is what I pleasantly discovered with Cocoa40 chocolates. What an odyssey of tastes these chocolates are for both the palate and the eyes! These delicately hand painted petits bijoux forms are stunning enough to make you want to wear as jewelry to a night out at the opera. Cocoa40 creates lovely Byzantine almond jewels, arabesque lantern shapes, and little post modern crescents to name just a few. I sampled a charcoal triangle shaped chocolate hazelnut both nutty and sweet, a dark chocolate Earl Grey with its subtle aromatized tea flavour. My favourite was the dark chocolate espresso: creamy, smokey, nuanced, with a light bitterness that lingers in your mouth. If you want to make a statement for that special person or occasion I highly recommend these treats. Just abandon yourself to temptation and indulge in a little decadence. You won’t be disappointed." - Clara D.


"We ordered a variety of chocolates from Cocoa40, and they were absolutely to die for! Each chocolate was so beautifully painted, each with a unique design. The packaging was simple, classic and great quality. I’d recommend for anyone as a sweet treat, or as a gift!" - Lizz W.


"Delicious and beautiful!! There is so much detail and artistry in every single one." - Grace H.


"Some of the best chocolates I've had, the Milk chocolate Caramel and Almond Praline are amazing!" - George P.


"So much detail and art in every chocolate! Ordered and came in under one week. Great service. Highly recommend." - Hannah R.


"The designs of the chocolates are stunning and very delicious!!! Would highly recommend!!" - Danielle M.


"Delicious chocolates! Ordered some for Easter; the designs were unique and the presentation impeccable" - Andrew L.


"Our clients enjoyed Cocoa40's artisanal dark chocolates at our annual holiday party. They were not too sweet and full of flavour." - First Richmond Professional Centre Inc. Management Team


"Real chocolate! No preservatives! Plus they are beautiful works of art!" - Silvana S.


"The chocolate tastes as good as it looks!" - David P.