3 Reasons Why We Use Valrhona Chocolate

Jan 15, 2020Stefania Pede

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Valrhona chocolate, this blog post is for you! Valrhona is a premium chocolate produced in France for Chocolatiers, Pastry Chefs and industry professionals.

We've outlined the 3 reasons why Cocoa40 uses Valrhona Chocolate for our bonbons, bars and confections:

1. Made by professionals for professionals:

The premium brand has been around since 1922 and is produced in a small village in France called Tain L’Hermitage. For almost a century, this brand has been curating superb quality chocolate with aromatic flavour profiles by professionals for professionals. Each of their Chefs has been trained to be a master of taste, meaning they must understand how to enhance the flavour of chocolate without allowing sugar to overpower.  

2. Committed to Consistency

Valrhona is a leader in the chocolate production industry because they understand every aspect of chocolate. From growing to refining, they have experts working in every stage of production. They own and operate the plantations in Venezuela and the Domminican Republic, where their cocoa beans are grown. Their involvement with every stage of production allows their team to focus on delivering a product that has the best flavour profile and consistency.


3. Creator of Unique Flavours:

The Valrhona INSPIRATION line of chocolate has allowed industry professionals across the globe to develop a unique experience for customers. Each chocolate fevé is packed with intense flavour from freeze dried fruits or deeply roasted nuts with the superb quality we know and love. The INSPIRATION line provides endless options for Chocolatiers and Pastry Chefs alike. 

Chocolate is so much more than just a sweet treat to eat. It's a labour of love, curated from the art and science of chocolate making. It is one of the most complicated and technical delicacies ever discovered by man-kind and as such, deserves to be celebrated regularly. "Let's Imagine The Best of Chocolate" with Valrhona, each and every day. 


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