Wedding & Special Event Favours

 Wedding and special event favours are a great way to express gratitude to your guests for attending your event. Add a customized tag to your favours for a personalized touch, curated specifically for your event. 

A chocolate bar favour is the perfect addition to any place setting at your next event.
Create a lasting memory for your guests by saying 'Thank You' in the sweetest way possible - with our delicious handmade chocolate. Our wedding and special event favours are the perfect expression of gratitude for attending your event.
6 chocolates as an event favour at EventMrkt in newmarket


Experience our impressive portfolio of past favors and the extraordinary events they were created for!

For an engagment party:

To celebrate M & S and their engagement, they each picked 2 of their favourite chocolates from our menu for their 4-piece favours (Vanilla Bean, Cappuccino, Almond Praliné and Orange). Chocolates were then packaged in clear boxes, wrapped with our classic gold satin ribbon and a custom favour tag to match the colour scheme of the event. 

4 piece chocolate truffle bonbon favours for an enagement party


For a Wedding:

These caramélia milk chocolate bar favours were made to thank guests for attending Darren & Dana's wedding. The colour scheme for the event was blush, ivory and dusty sage which were used on the custom tags we created for the favours. Each chocolate bar was also decorated with these custom colours in coloured cocoa butter. 


For an engagement party:

Say “Thank You” to your bridal party for their support with a sweet gift -  a box of 2 chocolates! This featured arrangement includes 1 Créme Brulée chocolate and 1 Salted Caramel. Each flavour was chosen to represent the bride & groom’s favourite flavours. 

For a Baptism:

To celebrate Bennett’s baptism, each guest received a box of 4 chocolates with a custom tag to express their gratitude for attending the event. Each box included an assortment of: Key Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, Cherry and Orange chocolate bonbons. The boxes were wrapped with our classic gold satin ribbon.

To Celebrate Staff:

To celebrate employee appreciation day, these chocolate sunflowers were handed out to staff. Each flower is made with 36% Caramélia milk chocolate and decorated with coloured cocoa butter. The message tags and purple satin ribbon were added to the clear boxes to showcase the beauty of the gift.

To Celebrate a Holiday Party:

These special event favours were completed for the Newmarket Public Library to provide to staff at a holiday event. Half of the chocolate favours were made in our 36% Caramélia milk chocolate and decorated with red and white speckling while the other half were made with 70% Guanaja dark chocolate and decorated with green and white speckling. All of the chocolate favours were individually wrapped with standard gold satin ribbon bows. 

To Celebrate a Gender Reveal:

To celebrate the newest addition to their family, Tracy and Mahyar added these chocolate favours to their event. Each bar was decorated with coloured cocoa butter in either pink or blue and wrapped with the matching colour ribbon. 

To Celebrate Parents, Alumni and Staff Volunteers:
The Pickering College Association celebrated their Annual Spring Luncheon at EventMrkt with custom made chocolate bar favours. Each caramélia milk chocolate bar favour was decorated with dark blue coloured cocoa butter and silver lustre dust to match the school's colours. Each bar was packaged with custom tags and ribbons, specifically made for the event. 
Pickering College Spring Luncheon Event Chocolate Favours
For a wedding:

To thank their guests for attending their wedding, this bride and groom chose the 2 flavours they loved the most - Caramel and Strawberry Lemonade. It just so happens that the colour scheme of the chocolates matched perfectly with their event - red and gold! Each box was wrapped in gold satin ribbon and included a tag to express their gratitude to guests. 

To Celebrate Religious Sacraments: 

Gianluca, Cristian and David celebrated their religious sacraments with custom-made chocolate bar favours. Each bar was made with 40% Jivara milk chocolate with subtle flavour notes of malt and vanilla. These bars were also decorated with white and light blue coloured cocoa butter speckling to match the event colour scheme. Black satin ribbon was added to each bar to secure the custom made tag. 
Communion Confirmation event chocolate favours

For a Wedding:

Rachel and Chris celebrated their wedding with friends and family. Each box was wrapped in gold satin ribbon and a custom message that said "A sweet treat from us to you for helping us say "I Do".". Each box was filled with 2 chocolate bonbons - 1 caramel and 1 raspberry. We also did a few special arrangements for vegan guests who were attending the event. These special arrangements had 2 raspberry bonbons in each box which are part of our vegan chocolate box arrangement. 
wedding and event favours

Pricing per unit: 
 Item in clear packaging:

With our standard Gold Satin ribbon:

With a customized tag: With an alternate colour ribbon:
Box of 2*  $ 6.00   $ 6.50  $ 7.00
Box of 4* $ 12.00   $ 12.50   $ 13.00
Box of 6* $ 18.00   $ 18.50  $ 19.00
Chocolate Bar (32g)* $ 6.00   $ 6.50  $ 7.00
Chocolate Bar (85g)* $ 11.00   $ 11.50 $ 12.00

Chocolate Lollipop 

Special order for additional shapes**

$7.00 / each $ 7.50 $ 8.00
 *Minimum order of 25 units. **Minimum order of 50 units.
HST and delivery are extra. 
To place an inquiry for wedding and event favours, please fill out the form below with any details and special requests for your event. Please also include any dietary restrictions we should be aware of. We can accommodate dairy, gluten and soy allergies. We cannot guarantee 100% nut free as we produce all chocolate products in a facility that handles nuts. 

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