#Chocolate4Change - Shining Through Centre - Bar

Jul 31, 2019Stefania Pede
With every purchase of this bar, $1 goes directly to supporting Shining Through Centre for Autism. To learn more about how to support STC and Autism awareness, click here. To show your support and purchase a bar, click here
What’s in this bar?
Inspired by shortbread cookies, this bar is made with caramelized white chocolate, roasted pecans and maldon salt flakes. The bar has subtle, butterscotch flavour notes, balanced by the roasted pecans and salt to create well-rounded flavour profile that will remind you of freshly baked cookies. 
Please note: this bar contains dairy, soy, and pecans. This product may contain traces of other nuts and gluten. 
What is Shining Through Centre?
The Shining Through Centre for Children with Autism was established in 1999 as a therapy centre to help enhance the lives of children with autism. Shining Through has become a leader in the field of autism therapy, providing service excellence by enhancing the quality of lives of those living with Autism. Help children with autism reach their fullest potential!
Thank you for supporting Shining Through Centre, children with Autism and the #Chocolate4Change initiative. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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