#Chocolate4Change - Yellow Brick House - Assorted Chocolates

#Chocolate4Change - Yellow Brick House - Assorted Chocolates

Nov 29, 2019Stefania Pede
We have partnered with Yellow Brick House to create a fundraising opportunity and raise awareness for survivors of domestic abuse. With every purchase of this box, $4 (for small box) and $8 (for large box) goes directly to supporting Yellow Brick House. To learn more about how to support Yellow Brick House and survivors of domestic abuse, click here. To show your support and purchase a box, click here
 What’s in the bar?
Each bar is made of 32% Dulcey caramelized white chocolate and decorated with yellow and purple cocoa butter to reflect Yellow Brick House. The flavour profile of this bar resembles caramel and butterscotch with subtle notes of vanilla. The high cocoa butter content of this bar allows the chocolate to melt in your mouth and leave a beautiful, silky texture on your tongue. 
Please note: This bar contains dairy and soy. It may also contain traces of gluten and nuts. 
To show your support and purchase a bar, click here.
What is Yellow Brick House?
 Since 1978, Yellow Brick House has provided life-saving services and prevention programs to over 125,000 women and children. Their programs meet the diverse needs of individuals, families and communities impacted by violence.
Yellow Brick House has four core services and programs, including 2 emergency shelters with 51 beds and cribs, the 24 hour crisis and support line monitored 365 days a year, the community counselling and support services and the public education programs. Last year, Yellow Brick House provided life-saving support to over 5,300 women and children.
Join the Movement and Break the Silence as together we can end violence against women and children. www.yellowbrickhouse.org
Each bar also includes a hand-written message from a client from Yellow Brick House and a purple ribbon to raise awareness for domestic abuse. 
Thank you for supporting Yellow Brick House, survivors of abuse and the #Chocolate4Change initiative. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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