Flavour Of The Month (FOTM) - January edition

Flavour Of The Month (FOTM) - January edition

Jan 01, 2021Stefania Pede

It’s January 1st which means we have a NEW, limited edition flavour to add to the menu! Please note: this flavour is currently only available for purchase until the end of the month.


This month's flavour is called 70% Guanaja Goji Berry! It features 70% Guanaja dark chocolate from the Caribbean and dried, organic goji berries for an added boost of flavour and antioxidants. These berries are full of bright, tangy flavour that highlights the natural flavour notes of red dried fruits found in this chocolate.

Now available for purchase until January 31st 2021! Get yours now before they’re gone.

Please note: this bar contains soy and may contain nuts.

Sold individually (85g bars) while supplies last.

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