How to give back during COVID-19

How to give back during COVID-19

Apr 28, 2020Stefania Pede

Times are tough right now - especially with the uncertainties about our health system, safety of essential workers and how to protect vulnerable members of our community. It's now more important than ever to support local organizations who provide essential services to marginalized groups. That being said, we've made some changes to our site to make it easier to give back.

As some of you may know, we launched the #Chocolate4Change program last year as a way to give back to the community through chocolate sales. $1 from each bar and bonbon from this collection goes directly to the organization it's linked to. This initiative gives these amazing organizations the much needed funding and awareness for the programs they provide.

Many of the organizations we are currently working with in the York Region community need more help now, than ever before. With homelessness and domestic abuse rates on the rise, these organizations provide essential support to the community and are in dire need of extra funding. To help them spread awareness and raise funds, we've added another option to the site. You may now donate monthly to the cause of your choice through #Chocolate4Change by purchasing a subscription.

 How it works:

1. Select an item (chocolate bar or box) from the #Chocolate4Change collection

2. Choose the quantity you would like to receive each month

3. Checkout

4. Enjoy your monthly surprise, knowing you've given back to the community with a donation every month.     

For a $5 donation every month, select:

  • 1 bar and 1 box of 4 bonbons, 


  • 5 chocolate bars

For a $10 donation every month, select:

  • 2 chocolate bars and 2 boxes of 4 bonbons, 


  • 2 chocolate bars and 1 box of 8 bonbons,


  • 10 chocolate bars 

Simply select how many items you would like on the product page and checkout. You'll then receive your chocolate every month and a thank you note for your donation. Please note: You'll be able to mix and match which items you want delivered to you each month - allowing you to support more than 1 organization each month.

Thanks for supporting #Chocolate4Change and giving back to the community, 1 chocolate at a time. 

Be Well and Stay Safe, 

The C40 Team


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