New Product: 32% Dulcey Salted Pecan Chocolate Bar

New Product: 32% Dulcey Salted Pecan Chocolate Bar

Jun 17, 2019Stefania Pede

Introducing our latest product, the 32% Salted Pecan Blond Chocolate Bar!


This bar is made with a creamy blond chocolate containing 32% cocoa butter for a beautiful, smooth finish in your mouth. The butterscotch flavour notes found in the chocolate, combined with toasted pecans and a hint of salt will remind you of freshly baked shortbread cookies. The sweetness of the caramelized white chocolate combined with flavour notes of toasted nuts balances perfectly with a touch of sea salt for your tastebuds to enjoy. 

Each bar is decorated with a orange cocoa butter splatter, making each one unique and unlike the rest. 

Please note: there is 1 large bar (85g) of chocolate per package.

Please note: This Product Contains Nuts. It May also Contain Traces Of Egg Proteins, Gluten And Peanuts.

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