The Chocolate Club - Subscription Box - April 2020

Apr 01, 2020Stefania Pede

It's April 1st and that means we have another limited edition bonbon flavour for the #ChocolateClub! This month's flavour is Green Tea Coconut! The outer shell and ganache filling is crafted from Valrhona 35% Ivoire chocolate. We chose this chocolate for its subtle vanilla flavour and creamy texture to compliment the coconut and green tea. We made a green tea infusion with 35% cream and let it steep well to devlop a bold flavour. This flavour was then locked into the cream when we created a ganche by adding the warm cream to Ivoire chocolate. The added sweetness from toasted coconut adds another dimension and texture to our ganache filling.

Green tea coconut bonbon - subscription box flavour - april 2020

This flavour is available only until April 30th through the #ChocolateClub Subscription Box service. Get yours here, before it's gone!

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