#Chocolate4Change - JHS York Region - Assorted Chocolates

Sep 25, 2019Stefania Pede
We have partnered with John Howard Society York Region to create a fundraising opportunity and raise awareness for community safety and well being in York Region. With every purchase of this box, $4 goes directly to supporting JHS York Region. To learn more about how to support JHS, click here. To show your support and purchase a box, click here.
What’s in the box?
Each box contains an assortment of 4 handcrafted chocolates (Cookie Butter, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut Praliné, and Cappuccino). All of the chocolates in this box are decorated by hand with coloured cocoa butter and made the very best French couverture. Each flavour is made with fresh herbs, spices, and flavour infusions for the most delicious experience for your tastebuds. We never use artificial flavours or emulsions in our chocolates. 
Please note: Each flavour in this box may contain dairy and nuts.
What is JHS York Region?
John Howard Society works to promote community safety and well-being in York Region. In neighbourhoods and schools throughout the region, they offer programs that are proven to reduce crime and build protective factors in people’s lives. Their programs help people develop life, relationship and coping skills, and are offered to residents of all ages, regardless of whether or not they have been involved in the justice system. Last year they provided programming and support for over 4200 individuals in our community.
Each box also includes a handwritten note from a client who describes their experience with JHS York Region. 
Thank you for supporting JHS York Region, community safety and the #Chocolate4Change initiative. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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