#Chocolate4Change - Red Dot Project - Bar

Aug 30, 2019Stefania Pede
With every purchase of this bar, $1 goes directly to supporting programs at Red Dot Project. To learn more about how to support Red Dot Project and homeless women in Toronto, click here.
What’s in this bar?
This bar is made with a delicately sweet white chocolate containing 35% cocoa butter for a beautiful, smooth finish in your mouth. The subtle, sweet vanilla flavour notes found in the chocolate are complimented by house-made dark chocolate sablé cookie chunks to make a perfectly balanced snack.
Please note: this bar contains dairy, soy, gluten and may contain traces of nuts. 
What is Red Dot Project?
Red Dot Project is a non-profit organization based in Toronto who’s main focus is to raise awareness and assist homeless women in Toronto. Red Dot Project advocates for accessible menstruation supplies for all women, regardless of financial status. To learn more, click here.
Thank you for supporting Red Dot Project, homeless women and the #Chocolate4Change initiative. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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