The Complete Holiday Guide for Choosing the Perfect Chocolate Gift

The Complete Holiday Guide for Choosing the Perfect Chocolate Gift

Dec 01, 2023Stefania Pede

This holiday season, cross everyone off your list with the gift of chocolate! From stocking stuffers to hostess gifts, we have something for everyone - even the vegan and gluten-free foodies on your list. 


Say It In Chocolate - With a Letter Box!

Available in 4 different messages, each box includes a message written in chocolate letters, surrounded by seasonal bonbons. Choose from milk or dark chocolate solid letters for your message that spells "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays", "Joy, Peace, Love" or "2024". This gift is ideal to give as a hostess gift or a family gathering. Each box comes gift wrapped for your convenience in our black and gold gift wrap and embossed "Happy Holidays" sticker. 

Get Festive - With TREEts Chocolate Ornaments!

Decorated with coloured cocoa butter in festive shapes, each chocolate ornament is made to hang beautifully on your tree with a gold satin ribbon. Each TREEt is made with 36% milk chocolate couverture and naturally coloured cocoa butter. This is a great gift for kids and teens, looking to keep the holiday magic alive. 

Gifts for A Colleague or Neighbour

New this year to our holiday collection are the Chocolate Message Bars. Available in 6 messages, you can give a gift wrapped "Merry Christmas" bar with a gift tag for a sweet message to your co-worker or neighbour. It's a great way to spread holiday cheer or token of appreciation. 


 Stocking Stuffers

Hot Chocolate Bombs are an awesome addition to your stocking stuffers this year. The sphere is made with 36% milk chocolate couverture and filled with our house made hot chocolate mix. Once you pour steamed milk over the hot chocolate bomb in a mug, the chocolate sphere melts, exposing the hand piped vanilla bean marshmallow found inside! It's a delicious treat to enjoy on a cold winter night or to be used on Christmas as your newest family tradition.

The Strawberry Cheesecake Bar makes a fantastic stocking stuffer. Inspired by a classic dessert - the Strawberry Cheesecake - this chocolate bonbon bar features 3 incredible layers enrobed by a thin layer of 55% chocolate. Each bite truly is a symphony of flavours in your mouth - starting with a soft strawberry caramel, followed by a cream cheese white chocolate ganache centre and topped off with a graham cracker cookie base. It's soft, luscious and has the perfect crispy base layer we know and love. 

Is someone on the naughty list? Fill their stocking with some "Lumps of Coal" or better yet... our signature Sponge Toffee! These bite-sized golden nuggets are coated in milk or dark chocolate and made to be shared. It's a delicious treat for any caramel lover in your life.  

Looking for Vegan and Gluten-free stocking stuffers? Check out the awesome assortment of handmade chocolates and confections that accommodate gluten, dairy and soy allergies. 

 Gifts for The One Who Has It All

For the one on your list who has everything they need, give the gift of chocolate. Not sure what they like? Choose a gift basket from our display. Baskets include an assortment of seasonal chocolates, confections and bonbons, all wrapped beautifully with  a big gold ribbon and a gift note for your convenience. Baskets are designed to have more chocolate, and less packaging so your gift truly gets the WOW factor it deserves!

Know what the recipient likes? Or maybe they have food allergies you want to avoid? Choose the "Build-A-Basket" option. Simply choose the items you want (in store or online) and select the "Build-A-Basket" option. 

Whether you're shopping for one person this holiday season or you list never seems to end, we encourage you to consider shopping local and supporting small business this holiday season. There are plenty of amazing shops and businesses on Main Street in Newmarket who would be grateful for your support. 

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