Limited Edition Coffee x Chocolate Box - Easter Edition!

Limited Edition Coffee x Chocolate Box - Easter Edition!

Mar 17, 2020Stefania Pede
For Christmas 2019, we partnered with another Shop Local Canada storeL Mugging Whales Premium Coffee Co. to create a limited edition Coffee & Chocolate Christmas Box. The assortment was such a hit that we have partnered up again to create a new limited edition box for Easter!
This COFFEE + CHOCOLATE Limited Edition Easter Box is available by pre-order only. Click here, to get yours!
This Limited Edition Box includes:
  • one bag of our whole bean coffee - your choice of:
    • 227g of MAUI Mokka®  [dark roast] - hints of spice and ripe fruit with a range of chocolate tones and a velvety smooth finish
    • 340g of MEXICO  [medium roast] - floral aroma with hints of chocolate and honey
    • 340g of GUATEMALA  [medium roast] - full-bodied with a smoky, spicy aroma and hints of caramel and chocolate
  • one box of 8 handcrafted mini egg truffles:
 PLEASE NOTE: each flavour contains soy and may contain gluten and traces of nuts

Pre-orders close Friday, March 27, 2020. Orders will be shipped on Monday, April 6, 2020.

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